Uechi Ryu karate is one of the three original karate styles from Okinawa (along with Shito Ryu and Goju Ryu).

Its practice develops incredible self-defense skills and develops physical and mental strength.

Uechi Ryu Karate Oregon


We have moved from Troutdale, OR to Gresham, OR.  Please visit our website at www.dragonartskarate.us for updated information and class schedules. Classes are taught by Sensei Andrea Jackson, a yondan (4th degree black belt) with 23 years training experience in Uechi Ryu.  She has traveled to Okinawa twice for training and has trained under several of the top Okinawan and American Uechi Ryu masters. 


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History and Lineage 


Shushiwa taught Pan Gai Noon in Southern China.  Pan Gai Noon means half-hard, half-soft, and is the style of the dragon, tiger, and crane.


Kanbun Uechi was an Okinwan who traveled to China and studied Pan Gai Noon under Shushiwa.  He brought the style back to Okinawa and taught to a handful of students.



Kanei Uechi renamed the style Uechi Ryu after his father's death.  He was the first grandmaster of Uech Ryu.



Seiryo Shinjo was one of the few students that trained under Kanbun Uechi.  He was Seiyu Shinjo's father.




Seiyu Shinjo trained alongside his father, Seiryo Shinjo.  He was Alan Dollar's sensei until his death. 




Kiyohide Shinjo is Alan Dollar's current sensei, and the head of the Keyukai Association of Uechi Ryu practitioners.  He is also the 9 time All-Okinawan champion in kata and sparring.



Alan Dollar is my Sensei.  He trained in Okinawa under the Shinjos.  He is the World Advisor  of the Kenykai Association.



Doug Achterberg is my Sensei in kobudo and our dojo's kobudo advisor



Sensei Andrea Jackson