Treatment Modalities

Depending on your condition and intrerests, other forms of Chinese medical therapy beyond acupuncture may be used in your treatment. 

Number of Visits

Depending on the severity of your condition, fewer or more treatments may be required. After a consultation, your acupuncturist can give you more specific information.  The number of visits typically ranges from 2 to 10, and some patients choose to have infrequent as-needed follow-up visits.

Cost & Insurance

Many types of insurance cover acupuncture treatment.  To see if you are covered talk directly to your insurance carrier or call our office to see if we are on your insurance panel.

For patients without insurance, a time-of service discount is offered.  A typical treatment is currently $60 (the first visit may be slighty more depending on the services rendered).  Call for sliding scale and other cost-related questions.






Acupuncture is the insertion of tiny needles into particular points on the body to reduce pain and cause other specific healing reactions.



Chinese herbs can treat a variety of conditions and are conveniently available in prepared pill forms, powdered, and raw forms for ingestion.



Bodywork therapy includes deep tissue massage, correction of structural imbalances, acupressure, joint and muscle stretching, and massage of the acupuncture channels.


Myofascial release techniques in Chinese medicine include cupping and gua-sha.  Both are ways to resolve deep injury from tissues in the body.