Interested in acupuncture?  This site was developed to provide you with some introductory information about acupuncture and its practice, and to let you know more about myself and my practice in downtown Gresham, Oregon. 

Please read below for an overview of the site.

 Health Conditions tells you about the types of things that can be treated with acupuncture.

 Treatment Options covers cost, insurance,expected outcomes, as well as the different treatment modalities that are used.

 Andrea Jackson: Bio gives you some background on myself and my training.

 Clinic & Practitioners tells you a bit more about the holistic health care clinic where I have my practice.

 Contacts Us has directions to the clinic, as well as e-mail, phone, and fax information.

 Karate contains information about the karate classes that I teach and the style of karate that we practice.

 Karate News contains updates and information for students currently in the class.

 Links provide important outside links, sorted by subject.

 Herbal Medicine for Pets has information about my practice of Chinese Herbs for pets.



Andrea Jackson, LAc, MAcOM

"Giving the gift of health and Wellness"


I have moved!  Check out my new clinic location.

Located half a block north of Powell in Downtown Gresham.